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Piggy Bank- Digital Coin Pig

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$12.98 USD
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$15.98 USD
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$12.98 USD
  • 1.MAKE LEARNING FUN: Teach your kids about concepts such as financial responsibility, the importance of money-saving and spending with this premium quality electronic piggy bank! Our BONUS colorful stickers will certainly keep them entertained and willing to learn more!
  • 2.LARGE CAPACITY: Unlike similar products on the market, these digital piggy banks for adults have an ultra-large capacity of 1.8L and can store between 800 and 1000 coins! Whether pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars or dollar coins, this money bank will surely fit, providing wide compatibility!
  • 3.CREATIVE DESIGN: The coin counting box is made of high-quality and not easy to break PET plastic (transparent). With an automatic counting function and practical buttons for subtraction or addition, plus an LCD display which constantly keeps you informed on the total amount, this coin bank is easy to use by adults and kids!
  • 4.COMPLETE SET: This digital coin bank handles your savings in a secure way. The ultra-wide mouth of the jar allows for convenient coin access anytime you need it, while the included screwdriver easily disassembles the money jar within minutes!
  • 5.SURPRISE GIFTS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: Kids will love watching their savings grow and adults will value having a landing spot for coin counter change! This counting coin jar will be a unique gift for kids!