How do you properly use a heated eyelash curler?

How do you properly use a heated eyelash curler?

Everyone looks attractive with thicker, fuller eyelashes. And a good mascara goes a long way in making your lashes look luscious. But you’ll need the best eyelash curlers in your beauty routine to really make your mascara gets its potential. Heated eyelash curlers are by far the most efficient way to curl your lashes, resulting in a bright-eyed look. Below, our best advice for how to use a heated eyelash curler may give you a hand.

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  • Do your research

Sure, it sounds like to curl your eyelashes with the tool—just grab a curler, press down, and release. But actually, eyelash curlers can come with a slight learning curve. In the interest of delivering the most seamless, long-lasting results (and nixing the risk of breaking or pulling out your lashes), you can do your research and find the right curler for you. Even the choice of eyelash curler and mascara needs your carefully pre-research.

  • Pre-curl your eyelashes

Pre-curl your eyelashes with the mini lash curler several times. You can ignore this step if your eyelash is soft. It's suggested for the false eyelashes or those who have thick eyelashes. Don’t know how to use an eyelash curler? Start with clean lashes and grab a mirror and tilt your head slightly back for the best angle, get right to the root. Be sure to hold it close enough to the base without pulling on your eye or pinching the skin. Practice makes perfect. Don’t be nervous.

  • Heat your eyelashes

Turn on the heated lash curler, wait about 1 minute and then comb your lashes as shown. Heating up in just 1min, you can upgrade your lashes in no time at all with a heated lash curler. You can even choose between three temperature levels, ranging from 70°c (158°F) to 90°c (194°F). 

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  • Apply mascara

Never put on mascara before curling, as it will break or pull out your lashes by causing your lashes to stick together, and the mascara to stick to the curler. It's best to curl first before you reach for your mascara. While it's always ideal to start with clean, bare lashes, he does note that other eye makeup can be applied pre-curling. Once you've done the above steps, feel free to pile on as many coats of mascara as you want.

If done correctly, the result will be a fully curled lash. Like anything else in beauty, it’s a matter of trial and error." 

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